Trimble VX Spatial Station

Trimble VX Spatial Station

Capture and combine scanning, imaging and surveying deliverables with the Trimble VX Spatial Station designed for surveyors. Integrating the technologies of advanced optical surveying, metric imaging and 3D scanning, the Trimble VX Spatial Station is the only surveying instrument that does it all and does it with ease. You can efficiently capture the information you need to create digital terrain models, volume calculations, and perform topographic measurements faster than with traditional surveying methods.

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VX Spatial Solution

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With the Trimble VX Spatial Station you have the flexibility to perform feature-rich scans every day, without the complexity of setting up a separate scanning system or switching to specialised field software.

Video-Assisted Control
Trimble VISION gives you the power to see everything the instrument sees. Direct your work with live video images on the controller. Now you are free to capture measurements to prism or reflectorless surface with a point and click.

Empower Your Surveys with Trimble RealWorks
With the ability to capture metric images with the Trimble VX in the field, you are also able to make additional measurements and attribute the data back in the office.

Surveying, imaging and 3D scanning in one powerful solution - Take one instrument to the job site to perform all of your data capture needs. No need to invest in or transport multiple instruments.

Increase your ability to adapt to any situation - Having the capabilities of a traditional survey instrument combined with scanning and powerful image capture all in one device you are prepared for even the most unique data capture situations.

Create enhanced 2D and 3D deliverables for rich information management - The comprehensive datasets captured with the Trimble VX allows users to deliver compelling results to clients, which are easy to understand and help speed decision making. Produce enhanced deliverables such as 3D as-builts, textured models, inspection maps, volume/surface calculations and more.


Civil Infrastructure – The Trimble VX Spatial Station enables you to efficiently collect accurate, detailed information on bridges, roads, tunnels, and other complex structures. Gather photographs, 3D point clouds and key points with speed and precision.

Architecture - Quickly collect detailed, accurate information for design, remodel, preservation and more. Gather precise measurements and dimensions to speed fabrication and reduce rework.

Engineering – Quickly survey topography, structures and conditions that affect engineering, design and construction using traditional survey measurements combined with point cloud data and geo-referenced images.

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