Trimble Realworks Software for 3D Scanning

Trimble Realworks Software for 3D Scanning

The Powerful 3D Laser Scanning Office Suite

Trimble RealWorks software is designed for 3D Scanning in surveying and spatial imaging and produces outstanding results.

For more information on this exceptional Trimble software, please speak with one of Haefeli Lysnar’s experienced team.

More Information:

While Trimble RealWorks is powerful enough to handle large datasets with ease, at the same time it is very easy to use.

The software guides you through sophisticated data management and manipulation tasks step-by-step to ensure you always reach your objectives. 
The end result in Trimble RealWorks software is the production of compelling 2D and 3D deliverables for direct output or export to CAD packages such as AutoCAD and MicroStation. 
Trimble RealWorks office software is your central solution for converting the data from spatial imaging sensors into the deliverables you need. And you can share your work using videos and models in Google Earth for effective project review.

Advanced, but very easy to use, Trimble RealWorks lets you:

  • Manage, process and analyse large datasets
  • Effectively manage large data sets by using partial loading techniques
  • Perform smart measurement – semi-auto clearance, projected vertical 
and horizontal
  • Easily extract targets from scanned data
  • Perform fully automatic registration
  • Quickly check the quality of the targets
  • Generate registration reports
  • Efficiently integrate data from Trimble GNSS, Optical, and Spatial 
Imaging sensors
  • Easily export to the CAD design package of your choice

Communicate your results via video generation and Google Earth export 
(kml format)

Trimble RealWorks are trademarks of Trimble Navigation Limited